How to Build an Effective Landing Page

How to Build an Effective Landing Page

In this article, we’ll tell you about the landing page or purpose-built page.

You can build various types of marketing campaigns, drive more internet traffic to your site and turn most of the landed traffic into leads and customers.

What is a Landing Page?

Before going further many of us always think that why there is a need of landing page, and what is the purpose to create it, what will we get after creating it. You will get all the answer to all such questions here.

Let’s start knowing about the landing pages in detail.

A landing page is a web-page that is designed to generate more leads and increase sales. It’s an action page or purpose-built page where you want your desired customers to land, view your content, and take an action, like buying a services or product, subscribing to your newsletters or websites.

A landing page is a powerful marketing process that serves both as a tool for generating traffic as well as a tool for sales conversion.

There are two important things to keep in mind, First, you can create various marketing campaigns like paid marketing, email marketing, social media campaign and many more using a landing page to drive more prospects to your website. Second, you can convert most of the prospects / traffic coming from your different marketing campaign into customers and increase your sales and revenue.

Since the goal of a landing page is to convert your website traffic into customers, you’ll need to make it look more attractive and engaging. Above all, you’ll have to properly design and organize the various call-to-action elements like the buy button, signup forms etc. in an appealing way.

What is the difference between the homepage and a landing page?

A homepage is your website’s front page that visitors or users will see when they enter your domain name in their browser. And a landing page can be a single page where most visitors land from paid campaigns or third-party traffic sources.

A homepage is designed for visitors to engage with your website and to explore other pages that contains the information about the products and services you are offerings. Your homepage may have more links that provide visitors more choices like sign ups forms, links to connect on social forums.

But a landing page is built for a specific purpose, lead generation, sales conversion. It has fewer links and is designed for users to take an action or make a decision or give their information for future outreach.

Your website can only have one homepage, but you can create as many landing pages as you want for different marketing campaigns.

Why you need to build a landing page or an action page?

Hear I want to tell you all something that I observe usually while talking to many of the marketers, business owners who has their own website or willing to build the website for self or for their clients for online presence and digital marketing. Because they’re not fully aware of the importance of a specific page or relevant landing page, usually many of the marketers and the website owners will simply direct their prospects from their Google ads and Facebook ads or any other source to their website homepages. 

This is a big mistake that we all do usually and trust me this is really costly. Now when you look at your own website’s homepage, you will see that this is just a page which navigate to other pages and so on and we all do this without realizing it.

I have also seen various homepages incredibly well designed, but in my views, this will not solve the main purpose. If you’re advertising your services or products or any offer in your product or services to the audience on Facebook, Instagram or any others places, most likely the prospects you direct to your website have never visited your business before and in most of the cases your visitors will have no idea how to navigate from your homepage to whatever offer you served them in your advertisements.

And that’s why using your homepage as a landing page may not solve the purpose it is built for.  If your visitor unable to find the offer or product or service they are looking for, high chances that they will not convert and that’s a disaster.

By creating a landing page, you will set yourself up to drive more conversions for your business. For creating a beautiful custom landing page in WordPress I would suggest Elementor page builder.

Now you may ask why Elementor page builder?  To answer that let me tell you Elementor page builder for wordpress is very easy to understand and is code free way to create beautiful and effective landing page.  There are several page builders available but trust me Elementor page builder is the best.

You can download the WordPress free page builder or Pro version from this link Download Elementor

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